BENS  /beɪns/

In languages from Scots to Portuguese, the word bens is associated with well-being. 

The BENS research group explores the consequences of global environmental change for biodiversity and environmental sustainability. We combine approaches from landscape, community and disease ecology to explore applied topics like: 

  • Influences of landscape structure on biodiversity and health-relevant ecosystem services
  • Conservation of key species interactions, including between parasites and their hosts
  • Biodiversity and ecosystem function in fecal detritus interaction networks
  • Influence of biogeography on ecosystem service provision               

We collaborate with researchers from the University of São Paulo (BR), Lancaster University (UK) and Columbia University (US). Current research is supported by  the National Science Foundation (NSF), the São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP), the Rufford Foundation (RGS), and Swarthmore College.