Parasite Ecology and Conservation @  Swarthmore College

Who run the world?  Parasites. Parasitism is the most common life strategy on the planet, and infection lies at the core of ecological processes that maintain species coexistence across space and time. This course reviews the epidemiological, ecological, and conservation concepts required to understand the  role of parasitic biodiversity in ecology and conservation. We aim to execute, analyze, and write up for publication one group project per semester.  


Conservation Biology  @  Swarthmore College

Over the next 25 years, scientists estimate that 10-50% of all life on Earth will be committed to extinction. What does this mean for biodiversity, ecological function, and ourselves?  What tools do we have to slow or stop this decline, and what tools can we create? The course integrates case studies, primary literature, and lab and outdoor adventures to develop: (i) an understanding of the scope and drivers of the current extinction crisis (ii) familiarity with the current pantheon of conservation 'solutions', and (iii) competency in key quantitative methods, including GIS, data management and analysis, and the use of 'biggish' data.  


Introduction to Biology II  @ Swarthmore College

Bio II is a large, team-taught introductory lab + lecture course that covers the biology of organisms, populations and ecosystems. The course goals are two-fold: to convey fundamental information about ecology, and to lay out a clear path of how biologists ask and answer questions about nature. 


Desmistificando o Processo de Publicação de Artigos Científicos @ Universidade de São Paulo 

Demistificando tem como objetivo esclarecer como se dá o processo de publicação de artigos científicos, como o intuito principal de auxiliar alunos que já tem pelo menos um artigo em elaboração para publicação em revistas internacionais.  Está disciplina será baseado na bibliografia indicada e em experiencias pessoais das professoras como autoras, revisores, e editores associada da Journal of Applied Ecology e Natureza e Conservação.